Broad capabilities. Focused expertise.

Our seasoned team of experts tap into a robust set of capabilities to address even your most complex risk transfer needs with speed, clarity, and reliability.

We offer clients creative solutions that reflect their specific needs, utilizing our capabilities across the United States, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands.

We have a broad appetite for risk and the ability to price and deploy capital across a wide spectrum of liabilities.

We evaluate complex transactions and create innovative, customized structures delivered with surety and speed. This experience is demonstrated in the successful relationships we have formed and transactions we've completed with multi-national insurance companies across multiple jurisdictions.

Our experienced investments team leverages a multi-manager platform with asset managers selected based on portfolio requirements and rigorously-vetted manager capabilities. Our sophisticated portfolios are established with the ability to quickly redeploy meaningful assets in times of market dislocations and take on risk when appropriately priced.

We have deep experience overseeing and administering approximately one million contracts across a broad range of fixed and variable annuities, fixed indexed annuities, and private placement life insurance. Our expandable, cloud-based infrastructure includes our innovative fund pricing and trading systems, scalable policy administration system, and robust cybersecurity protections.

Our strong partnership with Sixth Street, a leading global investment firm, provides differentiated access to capital and asset origination to support risk transfer solutions.

Through daily asset and liability reporting and proven strategies, our award-winning team are experts in balance sheet positioning. Our scalable risk platform allows the team to adapt to market volatility and industry regulations. Our underlying architecture continues to evolve with nearly two decades of enhancements as a result of managing through economic market cycles.

By leveraging the computational efficiency of our patented valuation engine, we perform nested stochastic reserve and hedging projections to effectively determine accurate risk capital levels. Our integrated in-house and vendor analytical platform allows us to proactively manage liquidity and market risk for assets, liabilities, derivatives, and fixed income.

Our team is long-tenured and has a record of demonstrated performance. We have the product knowledge and know-how to efficiently tailor risk solutions across diverse lines of business to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Solutions

Our solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions that meet your company's strategic needs.

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