Why work with us

At Talcott Financial Group, our risk solutions are founded upon industry insights, informed by our vast experience working with our clients, and based on a deep understanding of your organization. Through our collaborative approach, we partner with you to understand your business objectives and creatively design risk transfer strategies that balance opportunity and risk, increase underwriting capacity, and create expense and capital efficiencies.



Our actuarial, risk, and investment expertise enables us to design and reinsure retail market products to increase capital flexibility. We can service your reinsured business by leveraging our scalable, cloud-enabled, administrative platform and knowledgeable operation team.

Block Reinsurance

Our multi-jurisdictional platform and open architecture asset management model allow the flexibility that is the bedrock of Talcott's closed block reinsurance solutions. Our agility not only enables your institution to effectively manage its risk profile, it allows you to focus on its core businesses.

Flow Reinsurance

Through relationships rooted in collaboration, combined with tailored pricing and product development expertise, we effectively align interests to meet business needs. By competitively mitigating your current - and potential - risk, our flow reinsurance solutions enable your institution to improve profitability on retained business, optimize your working capital capacity, and maximize new business growth opportunities.

Legal Entity Acquisition

Legal Entity Acquisition

Through legal entity acquisitions, we secure, manage, and administer your institution’s divested businesses so you can more effectively achieve your forward-looking objectives. Our experience with transactions across jurisdictions, familiarity with multi-party and multi-product line acquisitions, and strong capital position, our seasoned team confidently closes even the most complex transactions.

Benefits to our partner clients:

  • Release capital for redeployment into growth strategies
  • Improve financial performance and increase ROE 
  • Provide market validation of product pricing disciplines
  • Lower expenses and operational risk through administrative support options
  • De-risk legacy blocks of business
  • Leverage the infrastructure and capabilities of a trusted reinsurance partner
  • Recenter focus on key strengths and core competencies, simplify strategy, and refine narratives for investors and shareholders
Our Capabilities

Our capabilities

See how our execution-focused team applies technology, analytics, and experience to manage risk and solve for the objectives of our clients.

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